The UltimaPro X M.2 SSD is a new SFF SDD built for power users

Thu, 10/08/2017

Integral UltimaPro X m.2 PCIe NAND SSF SSD

More and more computer manufacturers are seeing the benefits of shaking off the limitations of the SATA interface and embracing the PCIe interface. This allows small form factor SSDs to connect directly to your motherboard – offering speeds up to four times what SATA III SSDs are capable of.

The Integral UltimaPro X M.2 2280 PCIE NVME SSD utilises the NVMe 1.2 standard and MLC NAND flash memory to achieve speeds up to 2,900MB/s read and 2,200MB/s write. When installed in high-end machines, speeds such as these will transform your experience of intensive applications such as cutting-edge games and video/animation software. Your boot and load times will be drastically improved along with all the usual benefits of SSD, such as zero noise, no heat generation and extreme shock resistance.

Power users looking for the ideal SSD for their modern small form factor (SFF) desktop and laptop machines need look no further than the UltimaPro X M.2.

Find out more and view the full spec here.

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