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USB Flash Drives personalised with your logo or message are a great way to promote your company or event. Integral Memory plc have produced promotional USB drives for prominent corporates, government and educational departments worldwide via our resellers.

As one of the leading USB Flash Drive producers in Europe we offer quality and value to enhance your brand or event.
We cover everything from one-colour logos to full-colour images. We can duplicate your content and provide printed or plain packaging including gift boxes to complete the package.

To stand out, we can create bespoke USB drives in a variety of shapes and colours to complement your corporate style.

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Special features:

  • USB connector etching - a unique serial number can be engraved onto the USB socket to aid with IT asset management
  • Auto-run USB - So your content can run as soon as the drive is inserted into a PC
  • Read-only data or protected partitions - To prevent the user from deleting or amending data
  • Copy protection and control of PDFs, PowerPoint presentations, images, video, eBooks, .exe file, flash and audio by locking content to drive. This is ideal for distribution of copyright material such as conference or training notes. The number of PCs the content can be run on and the number of times an application can be run can be defined


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